NEW NUEVO 新 NOVO новый NER 新し NOUVEAU جديد !!!


Russ Wilkins (Pop Rivets, Milshakes, Wildebeests), Saskia Holling and Tim Matthew are probably the best sounding 21st century r&r combo and undoubtledy the coolest looking one. It's been almost two years since their last recording, a time when they've been doing what they do best: playing everywhere. UK, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Japan… they even did a Xmas radio session for the BBC Radio Scotland! This is pretty much time on the road, looking mint tartan every night… So their taylor's bill luckily forced them to deal again with the record industry.

Scottish winter was dying when they ran to their secret studio-castle in Edinburgh to record new stuff… It was a hard journey crossing snow-bound mountains -digging paths with the guitars as shovels, warming their hands with the amps' valves!- but it definitely worhts the effort.

What a sonic masterpiece! This recording brings Lord Rochester even closer to Chess sound, being a real exhibition of good taste and analogic wisdom. And the songs don't stay behind the production: this EP is a quadruple A-sider. Four new original songs of infectious beat, primitive rock&roll and life celebration. The Lord (Rochester) keeps spreading the True Word of Bo Diddley, and we say A-M-E-N!

SREP022 7''


Oban Road